About Us

The Latina Golfers Association (LGA) was founded by Azucena Maldonado in 2008 to introduce women of all ages to the game of golf for their professional development, personal enjoyment, and to promote a healthy lifestyle. What started as a passion and love of the game quickly turned into a movement with over 2,000 members in Los Angeles County. The response to the LGA’s golf clinics, golf lessons, workshops, golf outings, tournaments, and receptions has been overwhelming. Women from all walks of life including bankers, attorneys, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, educators, housewives, media professionals, and students have joined the LGA network. It’s free to join the LGA which hosts golf events throughout the United States.

“My passion for golf led me to found the Latina Golfers Association. I absolutely love introducing women, especially Latinas, to Golf. It’s a sport that enhances women’s lives on a personal and professional level. Golf opened up a new world for me. It’s now a movement and I want to share it with everyone! We too can become members of the elite “boys club”. Join me and the thousands of LGA members breaking gender and cultural barriers through golf.” It’s free to join so there are no excuses!

Azucena Maldonado

The success of the Latina Golfers Association is due, in part, to the inviting atmosphere we create at our golf events. The LGA eliminates the intimidating ambiance that can surround the game of golf. Our golf events are fun, relaxed and make women feel at ease about learning the fundamentals of the game, including the importance of golf etiquette.

Our goal is to make golf accessible to women by conducting affordable golf clinics and lessons for golfers of all levels including newbies. We teach our members the basics and fundamentals of golf. We teach them how to grip and hold a golf club, how to swing, how to putt, chip and play out of a sand trap. Our members are taught about golf etiquette, pace of play, and keeping score. We follow-up the clinics with regularly scheduled golf play outings at various courses. We encourage our members to take golf lessons from PGA professionals and experts in order to master the game.

The LGA organizes golf networking events on and off the golf course. Lasting friendships and business relationships are forged at our gatherings.

The LGA schedules regular golf outings for our members. Just a beginner? Not to worry. We schedule games at par 3 or executive golf courses for beginners. For intermediate players, we schedule rounds at longer and more challenging courses. We are often invited to play and participate in many charity golf tournaments which are wonderful for golfers of all levels.

What other sport outside of golf allows its players to make a fashion statement? The LGA wants its members to play golf well and look good doing it. There really are do’s and don’ts about what to wear on the golf course. The LGA prepares you to dress for success on the links. We regularly incorporate golf attire fashion shows at our brunches, and networking events.

The LGA likes to mix things up a bit by organizing golf events on and off the course. Everyone is invited to attend our mixers including future golfers.

Do you need to prepare for a special corporate golf outing or charity golf tournament but are a golf novice or beginner? You don’t have to be a skilled player to impress your boss, clients and/or colleagues. The LGA provides private consultation on and off the golf course designed to prepare you for that special golf outing. You’ll never again have to pass-up the opportunity to spend quality time with your boss, clients or colleagues on the golf course! Private or group sessions are available.