Leadership Development Through Golf | A 4-Part Series

The Latina Golfers Association in partnership with Thrivent Financial would like to invite you to join us for our 3rd Leadership Development Through Golf series designed to empower you by enhancing your professional and personal life.

Our exclusive four-part series will prepare you to compete in the business arena by teaching you how to leverage golf as a business tool. You will receive golf lessons, golf etiquette instruction and on the golf course experience. We provide the golf clubs. Additionally, the series will challenge you to Do One Thing Different in your life that will make a lasting impact and affect you in a positive manner. Twenty spaces available.

Apply for this unique program by sending an email to Azucena Maldonado (latinagolfers@gmail.com) with a statement by you stating why you would like to participate in the program and how golf would help you in your professional career. Please include a brief bio and what you do. The program will take place in August/September/October of 2019. If selected, you will receive a $1,400 scholarship from Thrivent Financial to participate. You will only be required to pay a $100 fee to take part in the program.