Latina’s in Sports – Meet LPGA Tour Player & Lead Physician of L.A. Dodgers April 23

The Latina Golfers Association is excited about our upcoming Tee-Talks series featuring two of the most powerful U.S. Latinas in the Sports World. LPGA Tour Player Lizette Salas is the only U.S. Latina competing on the LPGA Tour. She will be joining our Tee-Talks session along with the only Latina in the country to be the Lead Physician of an MLB Major League Baseball team – Dr. Marissa Vasquez is the lead physician of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Join us! REGISTER HERE

AND…we have a special treat for everyone. We’ll be showing a preview of the new film “Walking with Herb” starring George Lopez and Edward James Olmos. It’s a moving story about how golf played a role and was the vehicle that inspired a man to regain his focus and faith. Stand-by for news of a special appearance by Edward James Olmos & George Lopez! REGISTER HERE