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Latina Golfers Association Foundation                                                                                                                 

Golf is their Fairway to a Higher Education                                                                                                                                      

The Latina Golfers Association Foundation believes that the lives of girls and women from underrepresented communities can be enhanced and even transformed through golf. For this reason, our non-profit 501(c)3 foundation utilizes golf as a tool for empowerment . We believe that through golf, girls can find the fairway to a higher education and women can enhance their lives and careers by utilizing golf as a business tool. 

For inner-city girls, Golf is more than a lifestyle…Golf is a lifeline! Golf provides entree and opens doors for girls to people, places, and a world they might not have had access to in their lives. The LGA provides educational programs for girls from economically challenged communities that build confidence, self-esteem, character and promote a healthy lifestyle for the enhancement of their educational opportunities and to prevent juvenile delinquency.

Golf In The Park
The Latina Golfers Association takes golf to where girls congregate in the summer – the park! The LGA created the Golf In The Park Program to teach girls the basic fundamentals of golf in a language they understand utilizing the cultural sensitivity needed to be relevant in their lives. The LGA partners with The First Tee of Los Angeles to provide the girls with scholarships and reduced fees to continue their golf education.

High School Golf team

Adopt Inner-City Girls’ Golf Team
The Latina Golfers Association adopted the Roosevelt High School Girl’s Golf Team in East Los Angeles in 2010. The LGA raises funds for the team and provides them golf clubs, golf clothes, shoes and incidentals they need to play golf. An important component of the program is to impart golf experiences with the girls not available to them at home. The LGA members play golf with the girls on a regular basis and treat them to a day of fun and mentorship.

Golf Mentors LGA

Latina Golf Mentors
The Latina Golfers Association takes pride in its Golf Mentorship Program. Our members have professional careers in corporate America, as entrepreneurs and beyond. They provide unique golf experiences for inner-city girls and mentor them by being role models to them. The girls become inspired after spending quality time with our mentors on the golf course. Most of are mentors were raised in similar circumstances as the students and have gone on to become successful professionals.

mother, daughter golf LGA

Mother-Daughter Golf Clinics
The Latina Golfers Association invites mothers, grandmothers, and aunts to participate in golf clinics with their daughters and family members. We partner with The First Tee of Los Angeles to create these clinics and to provide scholarships and reduced fees for the girls to continue their golf education.


For the past five years, a cohort of women have been selected to take part in a an intense four-week golf bootcamp designed to prepare them to utilize golf as a business tool. They participate in hands-on golf instruction conducted by the Southern California Section of the PGA of America and learn the importance of golf etiquette and how to participate in charity golf tournaments and business golf outings.